Friday, October 29, 2010

Break the Spell

There have been times in my life when I have vascillated between disgust at what I have become and nauseous about all that I have...It's an ego game I've played, laced with ambition and shame...

A bore, really, when considering the universe. 

There are many such psychic prisons that I've known; feeling, somehow that there's no way out of self deprecation.  But truly, you know, there is a way out.  Through the heart in gratitude.  Through the mind, in humility.  Through the senses, in releasing the "drama of me" into the presence of wholeness.

When feeling that you are no good, just trust that you are wrong, and find a way to be kind or acknowledge beauty.  You may not feel immediately better, but you'll have begun to break the spell.


  1. I like the idea, the image, of a spell broken. Maybe just another take on something many of us have been trying so hard to do for a long time. But I like it. Maybe we need ceremonies to break these spells. I had a dream last night which could use a ceremony.

  2. Beautiful and stunningly wise. At the most needed moment for this VERY MESSAGE in my life RIGHT NOW. Thank you!